A Course on Happyness


If I only had the opportunity to read a book in my whole life, how would I want it to be?

Useful, surprising, easy to read, with effects on the rest of my life, that helped me to be a better person, to achieve the objectives that I proposed. It should bring me new knowledge. It should open to me a new horizon full of possibilities. In short, it should be a book that allowed me to enjoy the process of reading and experiencing it, while generating a hugely positive transformation in my interior, allowing me to learn all that is needed to get the best possible result out of life.

A Course of Happiness guides you step by step, facilitating a path of personal development in which you will rapidly advance towards your own inner balance; the one in which happiness springs from your interior, without relying on external factors.


The factors that determine whether or not to enjoy a fully happy life, what is the level of awareness that each of us has, and to what extent is it related to the ability to be happy, what is your level of consciousness, and even more important, you will carry out a process of personal development in which the factors that determine the ability to be happy will become your reality, leading you to enjoy life with full happiness.

Through the use of simple access tools at the subconscious level, you will be guided to:

  • Release those emotional blocks that prevent you from having the personal development necessary to live happily.
  • Internalize all the beliefs that sustain a happy life.
  • Raise your level of consciousness to a point where you can enjoy happiness as something inside

All this within a process in which you can verify your evolution, and measure your initial and final situation.

“We get the pleasure from things external to ourselves, while happiness is an inner state, linked to the level of consciousness of the individual”


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