Your subconscious, friend or enemy?

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Our subconscious mind, or unconscious mind, plays a fundamental role in our lives. It is about that part of our mind that controls all those behaviors that develop outside the scope of our consciousness and, sometimes, alien to our will.

Our subconscious is responsible for all of our habits, those patterns of behavior that we repeat repetitively without even thinking about them. Among these are the biological functions that allow us to stay alive. Breathing, blinking, chewing, digesting, pumping blood throughout the body, sending oxygen to all cells, absorbing nutrients from food, getting rid of toxins, etc., are some of those functions.

Our subconscious mind performs thousands of tasks simultaneously, while our conscious mind can only be between one and three. This is due to the enormous energy difference in which both work. Our conscious mind operates at 40 cycles per second, while the subconscious mind operates at 20,000,000 cycles per second. This difference is abysmal confers to both characteristics and quantities totally differentiated, although complementary.

Studies show that our subconscious, totally reactive, is responsible for more than 95% of all our actions and decisions, always responding in the same way to the stimuli it receives, based on the programming it has recorded. And then those decisions taken at the subconscious level reach our brain, and are processed by our conscious mind.

The information used by our subconscious to make decisions is generated throughout our lives, and is composed of beliefs and emotional blocks, which are stored in our cells as energy frequencies.

In a way we are like robots, we are based on a pre-established schedule, and it will always be like that. That does not mean that it is bad, on the contrary, it is totally positive if we know how to take advantage of it, since its capabilities are enormous.

Our subconscious can and should be our best ally. It is in our hands to achieve it. We just have to access it and align our beliefs with the person we want to be. And that, fortunately, is easy.


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