Things are not as they are, but as each one lives them

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Each one lives the different events that appear in life in a different way. The same experiences are received and lived in different ways by different people.

It does not matter if apparently things are one way or another. What really matters is how each one of us perceives its own reality, to the point of making even our own biology evolve, developing diseases or health, in response to the stimuli we receive.

Epigenetics is the science that studies how our experiences, experiences and perceptions of the environment, lead us to express certain genes and not others. We are, based on that subjective reality that each one perceives, those who create our own “reality”.

The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a pregnancy, a surprise party, or any other situation can be lived in very different ways. Surely we all know people who have responded in opposite ways to these same events. Our beliefs (that which we have internalized as truth throughout our lives) establish the filter that interprets all the events and events that we find on our way. Taking control of our beliefs we can control our way of living, and move from suffering by living reactive, to enjoy a proactive life as fantastic as we are able to imagine.

The good news is that changing our beliefs is not impossible or tremendously difficult. On the contrary, it is tremendously easy.


Ricardo Eiriz


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