Método Integra (ebook – Spanish Version)


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We are all constantly changing our minds and those of those around us through what we say and do.

The time has come to do it consciously!


In this book

– You will learn how our mind works. You will discover how to change any type of reaction or behavior that you do not like.

– You will learn to communicate with your subconscious.

– You will discover all the secrets of the muscular test.

– You will learn to release emotional blocks in record time, and without suffering.

– You will learn to define the different types of beliefs we need to achieve any objective and to record them in a matter of seconds.

Imagine for a moment that you can change what you do not like about yourself, your reactions, your way of feeling, …

In this book you will learn how to do it easily and quickly!


If you want to stop smoking
In the following link you will find an exercise that will allow you to transform all the necessary beliefs to achieve it. As explained in the book, you must have previously released your emotional blocks if you have them, and if necessary, activated your entire brain to successfully record the beliefs. Just fill out the form with your email to download the audio.

Content in Spanish.



Download the Emotional Identification Table for Emotional Freedom described in the book

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Content in Spanish.


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