Escoge tu camino a la felicidad y al éxito (ebook – Spanish Version)


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Choose your path to happiness and success is a book that gives us back the personal power we have always had. For this, it offers us accurate information about the reality of the energy world in which we live, opening our eyes to a multitude of techniques or tools that allow us to regain control of our lives.





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Choose your path to happiness and success explains in plain language what science shows us through a multitude of experiments. It shows us that we are enormously fortunate and powerful! We are the creators, consciously or unconsciously, of our reality.

Psych-k, EFT, EMDR, Zen Healing, Reiki, etc. are some of the more than 50 techniques included in this book, which allow us to access our subconscious and control the beliefs we have in each moment. But not all techniques are the same, nor do they allow to achieve the same. In this book you will discover what you can expect from each technique, the level of difficulty to learn it and to apply it, what is its origin, …

I assure you that if you read it, Choose your path to happiness and success will become one of the most important books of your life.


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