Book presentation “Recover your Personal Power”

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Last 5 July, the book Recovers your personal power, by Ricardo Eiriz and Sandra Parés, was presented at the La Casa del Libro of Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona.

The act was presented by Giovanna Cuccia, attached to the management of Editorial Sirio, who made a pleasant introduction to the book.

Then, Ricardo Eiriz made an explanation of how the idea of ​​writing the book Recover your personal power, idea that arises after developing together with Sandra Parés the workshop that bears the same name, and that is taught around the world by dozens of Instructors of Integra Method.

Ricardo and Sandra explained that to recover personal power it is necessary to learn to manage our emotions and make a change of internal attitude, developing self-confidence, without depending on the approval or recognition of others. They also explained to all those present the reason that led them to write the book, which is not another that thousands of people can carry out a personal transformation without having to move from their homes. Through the pages of this book, the reader can find the tools for change where our life is directed, in our subconscious.

At the end of the exhibitions, those attending the event were able to ask the questions they thought were appropriate to the authors of the book. The act culminated with the signing of copies by both.



Recover your personal power is a practical book that aims to teach you how to align your subconscious with a positive internal attitude, based on acceptance, assessment, confidence and self-confidence.

Each of these pillars sustains the next, and the integration of the four will lead you to recover that ability that we all have to lead your own life freely. If you do not accept yourself as you are, you will hardly be able to value yourself; if you do not value yourself, you can not trust yourself, and then you will never feel safe.

What really makes a difference in people is the attitude with which they face the events that occur in their life.



RICARDO EIRIZ is a person whose profession is to BE HAPPY, and who after making a radical change in his life, in 2009, to be consistent with this profession, he tells us: “All the experiences lived before freely choosing this profession are not they have the greatest importance “

Creator of the INTEGRA Method, lecturer and author of several books.

Ambassador of Peace and Good Will of San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico) to UNESCO.

SANDRA PARÉS, writer, therapist and instructor of INTEGRA Method. For years he has worked in the field of artistic expression and personal growth. Currently, she combines the work of a therapist with that of a writer.


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