Workshop Recovers your Personal Power


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In this workshop, the doors open to the participants to experience an inner transformation, at the subconscious level, that will lead them to be able to develop the necessary inner strength to direct their life with confidence and security. We will help you become the protagonist of your story, leaving aside secondary roles as a supporting actor in other films.


Inner strength that allows us to control and influence our life experience and gives us the ability to be in charge of our life and manage our emotional state.


To recover personal power it is necessary to learn to manage our emotions and make a change of internal attitude: to develop self-confidence, without depending on approval or external recognition. When we internally feel confidence and know how to manage our emotions, we can act and express ourselves with security and naturalness.

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The 4 pillars that support this change of internal attitude are:

The 4 fundamental pillars

✔ Accept yourself and the circumstances.

✔ Recognize your own personal worth.

✔ Trust in yourself and in your own abilities.

✔ Be sure to take control of our life.

Workshop content Recover your Personal Power

The content of the Workshop Recovers your Personal Power includes a theoretical part, directed to the conscious mind, and another practice directed directly to the subconscious:

Theoretical part
Practical part

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