Happiness Course Workshop

Reach that inner state of peace, balance and coherence, which is happiness

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This workshop allows participants to undergo an inner transformation, at a subconscious level, which will lead them to raise their level of consciousness, to a point where happiness is exclusively a personal decision.


Vibratory frequency that each person has. Each level of consciousness is linked to specific emotions, values and a conception of life. The lower the level of consciousness, the more negative are the emotions that are associated.


Through the exercises included in this workshop, each participant will align his conscious mind and his subconscious mind, substituting limiting beliefs and emotional blocks for empowering beliefs that allow the elevation of his level of consciousness. In other words, emotional blocks are released and subconscious beliefs are introduced to generate habits of happiness, in all areas of your life.

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The Workshop of a Happiness Course allows the participants to carry out the necessary transformation, at a subconscious level, which supports the habits and skills characteristic of happy people, such as:

  • Feeling good about yourself, appreciating yourself, respecting yourself, forgiving yourself, …
  • Live in the present moment, overcoming the past and not worrying about the future.
  • Live with goals and objectives in all areas of life.
  • Generate positive relationships with others.
  • Live happy, preventing the events that happen in our lives to condition our happiness.

Content of the Happiness Course Workshop

The content of the Workshop of a Course of Happiness includes a theoretical part, directed to the conscious mind and another practice:

Theoretical part
Practical part

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