Método Integra Basic

You will learn to communicate with your subconscious and to reprogram it at will to achieve the objectives that you propose.

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This course allows to learn in a practical way the methodology, including the set of necessary access techniques at the subconscious level, which empowers the participant to be able to carry out individual and personalized transformations with himself and with third parties.

It is an important learning for the personal and professional development of the individual, which will lead him, to the extent that he uses the method frequently, to improve as a person and to actively participate in the process of improving others.

The people trained in this course will be empowered to facilitate transformation processes at the subconscious level also in others.


The key is in the subconscious

Método INTEGRA® allows transformations easily, quickly and without suffering, aimed at increasing our physical and mental performance, as well as emotional balance. Specifically allow in a matter of a few minutes:

  • Release emotional blocks
  • Release emotional traumas
  • Release limiting beliefs

When we experience a traumatic experience, regardless of the age at which it happens, it can leave some emotional memories imprinted in our cells, while keeping a specific neuronal network activated. As a result of the traumatic event we can remain immersed in a certain emotional state permanently for months or years, as evidenced in the most evident cases of trauma, or through spontaneous activations in specific areas of our lives.


The emotions that we live in our daily life and we dislike, we must be able to manage them correctly, otherwise we run the risk of maintaining its vibration in our body, staying our cells vibrating with the energy frequency of those emotions. This situation leads us later to reproduce these emotions frequently in our day to day, whenever we encounter a situation that resonates energetically with that emotion.


The subconscious mind works on the basis of beliefs, or what is the same, information that has been stored throughout our lives, and that leads us to interpret the world and our lives the way we do. Based on that interpretation, we respond automatically in front of the different 5 circumstances that we find ourselves on the road. Our beliefs are responsible for a good part of our habits, both at the level of thought, emotion or behavior.

Some possible results using Método INTEGRA Basic

  • Regain self-confidence
  • Eliminate depression, anxiety and stress
  • Overcome any trauma
  • Accept yourself
  • Achieve objectives
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Be happy

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This course is specially designed for those who:

✔ They want to have control of their life.

✔ They want to free themselves easily, and without having to suffer, from all kinds of unpleasant emotional states.

✔ They want to reverse unwanted health conditions.

✔ They want to easily develop all their abilities and potential.

✔ They want to learn how our subconscious mind works.

✔ They want to know how to reprogram the subconscious at will.

✔ They do not want to continue letting themselves be boycotted by their subconscious.

✔ They want to help other people improve their lives.

Content of the Método INTEGRA Basic Course

The content of the Método INTEGRA Basic Course includes a theoretical part, directed to the conscious mind and another practical part. Beyond the learning of a work methodology or transformation techniques, the most important thing is the understanding of how the subconscious works. This knowledge will allow you to take advantage of all the potential that our subconscious offers us.

Theoretical part
Practical part

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