Level I Facilitator Event

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All the knowledge of the Método INTEGRA Basic and Método INTEGRAIntermediate courses, intensively in 4 days.

This event is specially designed to effectively learn all the knowledge necessary to carry out deep transformations, as well as internalize the protocols that will allow you to use them in your day to day, either in the personal or professional field.

Being an eminently practical event, you will have the opportunity to experience a profound transformation, both personally and professionally.

Although the contents of these four days of intensive training coincide with those covered in the courses Método INTEGRA Basic and Método INTEGRA Intermediate, the same does not happen with the structure of the program and the way to deepen in each of the topics. This does not prevent the participants from receiving the certificates corresponding to both courses at the end of the event.

Attending this event, which is taught exclusively by Ricardo Eiriz and his team of collaborators, is the quickest way to become a Level I certified facilitator.




Event Content Level I Facilitator

Theoretical part

This event includes the syllabus of the Método INTEGRA Basic and Método INTEGRA Intermediate courses.

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