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This course allows participants to carry out internal transformation at the subconscious level that allows them to develop the habits and skills characteristic of highly effective people. Thus, the participants are trained to achieve an optimal performance of their functions, both in the company and in any other area of their life.


They are patterns of behavior that we repeat unconsciously, and respond basically to the set of beliefs we have at the subconscious level. Therefore, if we want to acquire new habits, the most effective way is to integrate the beliefs that support these habits.


Through the exercises included in this course, each participant will align his conscious mind and his subconscious mind, substituting limiting beliefs, traumas and emotional blocks for empowering beliefs that allow the full development of the potential of the individual. In other words, beliefs that allow generating habits (behavior patterns) similar to those presented by highly effective people will be introduced at a subconscious level.

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Based on Stephen Covey’s structuring of the 7 habits of highly effective people, the following topics will be worked on:

The 7 habits of highly effective people

✔ Be a proactive person. Life is the product of our decisions and not of the conditions that we find ourselves.

✔ Always start with an end in mind.

✔ Know how to prioritize at all times.

✔ Always think of solutions in which we both win.

✔ Know how to listen as a previous step to be heard.

✔ Generate synergies with those around you.

✔ Continually improve as a person and professional.

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The course can be done intensively in 2 days, or structured in 10 sessions of 2 hours. The structure in this second option is the following:

Session 1. Introduction
Session 2. The 7 habits + Initial situation
Session 3. Karmic agreements, loyalties, traumas and emotional blocks

Sesión 4. Habit 1 - Be proactive”

Session 5. Habit 2 - Start with the end in mind

Session 6. Habit 3 - Put first things first

Sesión 7. Habit 4 - Think of Win-Win

Session 8. Habit 5 - First seek to understand and then be understood

Session 9. Habit 6 - Synergy

Session 10. Habit 7 - Continually improve + Final situation

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