Communicate with Success

Develop your communication skills in any field, with any audience and with any type of interlocutor

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Speaking in public is just one of the types of communication you will tackle in this course.

The participants undergo a real transformation that allows them to teach courses, seminars or talks, as well as conduct interviews, or hold conversations at a private level, with total confidence, security, ease, …

Applying Método INTEGRA to achieve this goal, we manage to eliminate fears, develop confidence and security to transmit with passion and vision, use verbal and non-verbal communication in an appropriate way, connect with the audience, structure the message to make it easy to understand, stay focused in the pursued objective, etc.


Communicating effectively is much more than transmitting information. It consists of transmitting from the heart, with passion, confidence and control.

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It is a totally practical and experiential course, in which all the participants can observe the transformation in themselves and in others, in a very few hours.

The course is fundamentally practical, including diverse communication dynamics, both group and individual, from the first moment to the last.

The objectives pursued in this course

✔ Develop the ability and confidence to speak in public, eliminating all kinds of stage fright and limiting beliefs that prevent you from shining.

✔ Transmit messages clearly.

✔ Develop the skills to stay focused in all types of environments.

✔ Interiorize the secrets to capture and maintain the attention of the audience.

✔ Control the group’s energy at all times.

✔ Develop a brilliant and safe staging.

✔ Transmit what you think and feel with control and security.

✔ Connect with your interlocutor from heart to heart.

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