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Método INTEGRA offers you two completely compatible paths between them.


By learning to use the methodology in its basic, intermediate and advanced levels, you will be able to guide other people in their transformation process, thus becoming a facilitator of their transformations.

With the formation of the basic level you will learn to make transformations at the subconscious level.

With the formation of the intermediate level, you will delve into two key topics such as goals and beliefs, while learning to work at a distance and transform elements that transcend subconscious programming.

With the formation of the upper level you will be able to take control of the energy reality in which we live, which will allow you to obtain results more easily and in a greater percentage of cases.


Level I facilitator

All those who have done the corresponding training at the basic and intermediate levels are considered certified level I facilitators in the Método INTEGRA.

Level II facilitator

They are considered certified level II facilitators in Método INTEGRA who have completed the corresponding training at the higher level, and the Successful Communication course.


We also offer you the possibility of guiding your professional life towards the training of other people in Método INTEGRA, being able to accredit you to be an instructor of one of our courses and workshops.

The accreditation process as an instructor presents training requirements, as well as experience in the use of Método INTEGRA at all levels.

All our instructors commit themselves to comply with our ethical code, which seeks to be an example of everything that we transmit in our courses.

> Code of Ethics of Método INTEGRA

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