Interview with Sandra Suárez

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Tutor of INTEGRA Method and one of the first instructors accredited in 2014.

An enterprising woman, a lover of her family and, above all, very committed to promoting the well-being of the community.


1- Sandra, how does INTEGRA Method appear in your life?

Since everything came to me as a gift from heaven and I attended the first course taught by Ricardo Eiriz in Mexico, days later I would give Apunta Alto which I also took, from that moment I knew I wanted to do the same thing as him, BE HAPPY and bring happiness to all . And since July 2014 I have dedicated myself to teaching courses, to organizing conferences, talks, courses, workshops, to accompany new instructors, to give face-to-face sessions and by skype.


2- You can tell us what it was like for you, on a personal level, having crossed your life with INTEGRA Method.

Yes of course, first I realized the power of creation that I had and decided to be professionally successful. The point arrived that every weekend was teaching some INTEGRA Method course in CDMX, or in any state of the Mexican Republic.

After being able to find a balance and enjoy my family life to stop intervening from the worry or control with my children, who began their university life and required freedom and guidance. My relationship improved to 100% by sharing the courses with my husband and thus be both on the same frequency, total acceptance of all that he is. The relationship with my mother and my sister became more loving.


3- And at a professional level, how would you describe your evolution since you decided to bet on Integra Method?

I was totally in love with this methodology so subtle and effective that I wanted all of Mexico to know it, so I committed myself to give constant sessions, I dared to knock on doors in schools, companies, government, families, etc., to allow me to show you the technique and see the immediate changes that were there and thus allow me to give talks, conferences or workshops, or whatever they required. I knew what it is to put on the shirt from the heart and talk about INTEGRA Method from there.

Economically it went very well and I was able to support my husband in tuition payments, and give us a family trip. Integra method taught me to believe in myself and my abilities.


4- Your journey has led you to know many other techniques aimed at the well-being of the person. What have you found in INTEGRA Method that you have not found in the other techniques you know?

Before the INTEGRA Method, the techniques used for emotional liberation were sometimes painful, confrontational, and the results were slower. With INTEGRA Method the first thing that improves is the communication that the person has with himself, more honest, since all the answers arise from the subconscious with the muscular test, and thus know without judgment what is in the program and know that It’s easy to change whatever it is.

The second is to accept that all the past are memories in the form of vibration, and we can release them with the simple protocols that we handle.

Third, the ease and speed with which we can mold our subconscious, to empower ourselves and believe more in us.


5- You are about to reach the 100 courses and workshops taught. Tell us how you live the changes that participants have in each course or workshop you teach.

The changes that I have witnessed in each course are wonderful, see their bodies free of tension, more crystalline and fresh looks, open hearts, bodies willing to take responsibility for the disease and free themselves from the suffering with which they came to the course.

HOPE, ENJOY and JOY would be the energy that I live when I impart each course and see the changes in people.


7- There are people who for different circumstances ask themselves “How hard is life!”, “Why is this happening to me?”, “I wish I knew how to overcome this situation!”, “I tried everything and, there is no way out “,” Others can, but I am a lost case “… To these people, what would you say?

I understand that until now life has been hard, allow yourself to know a wonderful world that you are losing and is within you. Letting go of those painful memories and misconceptions is extremely easy, life is a gift, and you can discover it at all times. We accompany you in this your new life.


8- Other people, based on their experience, affirm that you can not teach to be happy. what is your experience with that?

I think that happiness is not taught, it is rediscovered only by returning to our program of origin and that is already installed in us. It is enough to remember it and in that we can help them.


9- You are a woman who transmit happiness. Any advice for those who wish to reach that state?

A thousand thanks, and my advice would be: Choose it. Choose to have more moments of peace, to be in communication with yourself you detect when you do not have it. When there is tension it is time to free yourself from something or change a program or belief. And of course, gratitude. Thank for your life, for the life of others, for each moment, for each experience, for each sample of affection of the plants, of the pets, of your beloved ones, of the others. They are always there. Do not get distracted by what could be (ghosts of the past), in feeding your demons of anger, sadness, fear, longing, etc … in expectations (ghosts of the future),

This is your Life!!!


10- Finally, can you share with us what your personal challenges are for the next months?

To remain happy, to enjoy every day what is presented to me, to be more present and more aware of my actions and to take responsibility for my actions and my creations, to live day by day with less suffering, in a few words. BE me the level of consciousness I want to see projected in my world, my family and my beloved country, and so continue to expand the tools that help raise the level of consciousness of humanity, continue to do my bit.




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