Interview with Ricardo Eiriz, creator of the Método INTEGRA and author of 7 books

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In 2009 he made a decision that would change his life. He decided that his profession from that moment on was to BE HAPPY. Creator of the Integra Method and author of the books “Choose your path to happiness and success”, “A Happiness Course”, “High Point”, “The Soul of Health” and “Integra Method”


1 -Ricardo, when in 2009 you left everything and started your path towards happiness, did you imagine at some point the impact you are having, with more than 5000 participants in the courses and 300 instructors around the world?

When I made the decision to be happy in a professional way, I had no idea what I was going to do from that moment. At that time I knew nothing about the subconscious. It was later, as I was investigating and discovering this exciting energetic reality of which we are part, when I perceived the great potential that all this had. And it was then, towards the year 2013, when I raised my mission of life, to transform the world to make it a place where each person can live happily and develop their full potential, if they really want it. Since then we have gone very fast, but we are just beginning.


2-This year 2018 is a year of expansion for INTEGRA Method, and this has led to assume a much higher level of organization and professionalization at all levels. Can you explain what these changes mean?

Unlike what I had done previously in different business projects that I had promoted in my life, when in 2009 I started the life project that I am living, I decided that I would not do anything that was not strictly necessary to cover the activity that he did. He was going to let me flow at all times. This approach led me to create courses and write books, while visiting different countries to promote and give training courses. Always letting me flow and going to the places where they called me, without planning or looking at the agenda beyond a few months.
The volume of activity was growing, both in courses and in accredited instructors, and the time required to support their activity was increasing.
Also, I became increasingly aware that if I really want to fulfill my important and important mission, I had to do it with a much higher level of professionalism.
The idea behind all the changes we are implementing since 2017 is that we not only have to have a fantastic product, but our internal management, and our way of transmitting it must also be at the same level. If we do not want to die of success, we must be well organized and have the necessary management structure and tools. And if we really want to reach millions of people, we must convey our message in an optimal way.


3-With the MI we always work with objectives. You as the creator of the method, have you set an objective for this year 2018?

My objective for this year 2018 is more structural than of quantifiable results. It will be afterwards, once we have the solid foundations, when we set ourselves numerical objectives. We must not forget that there are different ways in which we are getting to touch the lives of people: videos on YouTube, books, courses and workshops, solidarity projects and particular sessions. During this year we must add some other way.
At the end of this year we must be running the entire organization with an intranet that facilitates internal communication, and the management of the courses we teach; we must have a fully implemented image and communication strategy that integrates social networks, the web page, youtube, etc .; We must have consolidated the newsletter and some other project that will facilitate the raising of the level of general awareness.



4-One of the requirements for people who are part of INTEGRA Method is that they have to have the common vision to work with the purpose of building a better world. What advice would you give to participants of MI courses who decide to focus on the instructor’s career?

I always tell them the same thing. We can not give what we do not have. If we are not an example of what we want to facilitate in others, we would be a fraud.

INTEGRA Method is a methodology that allows us, easily and quickly, to transform lives. Well, the first life we ​​must transform is ours. Before going to help others, we must help ourselves, we must change what we do not like about ourselves, we must adopt the lifestyle INTEGRA Method, which is nothing else than living from unconditional love, with trust and the assurance that life is perfect and wonderful.


5-You are a person who is characterized by making things easy, and from the first workshops to the present there has been an important evolution in the transformation method at the subconscious level, being easier and faster every time. Do you think it can still become easier?

Each time we include more aspects in the transformation we make. In the first courses we only focused on the liberation of emotional blocks and the recording of beliefs. Now, in addition to that we release emotional traumas, family loyalties, karmic agreements, negative energies sent by third parties, … And all that in the same hours or even less, as is the case of the Happiness Course workshop. As more and more topics have been developed, I have had to develop techniques that allow us to work on each of the topics in an easier and faster way. Otherwise the courses and sessions would be too long.

Focusing on your question, yes, you can make the transformation even easier and faster. In fact, we will see it in the coming years.


6- Ricardo, at the end of last year you were appointed Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill to Unesco, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. How was it for you to receive this appointment?

It was one of the most special moments of my life. The work we have been doing in INTEGRA Method does not seek recognition, but rather successes in facilitating the change in the life of everyone who wishes to change. But I have to say that I feel very fortunate and grateful for this appointment, since it is an acknowledgment that we are going in the right direction. And more, being as we are, almost at the beginning of our journey.


7- The social work is an important part of the activity in INTEGRA Method, with two important projects at the moment, such as “Healing Wounds for Peace in Colombia” and “Live without fears”, in Mexico. What can you tell us about these projects?

There are many people who unfortunately have gone through difficult times in their lives, and who have been burdened with emotional traumas and blocks. Taking advantage of our extensive network of instructors all over the world, from INTEGRA Method we are determined to help as many people as possible. Hence, solidarity projects are acquiring significant relevance in our activity.

Healing Wounds for Peace in Colombia is a precious project, which seeks to enable the victims of armed violence to rebuild their lives without limitations on an emotional or mental level. In addition, from the perspective of making communities autonomous in supporting the entire population, we are training social leaders in the municipalities where we work.

For its part Live without fears is a project created to support the victims of earthquakes that have unfortunately shaken Mexico more or less continuously.

All our solidarity projects are carried out thanks to the love and selfless dedication of our instructors.



8-Life is change, reality is impermanent, so it is inevitable that situations change at some point in our lives, and to us as human beings, these changes make us feel insecure. How do you do to stay happy despite the circumstances that may occur? And how can we come to understand “that nothing happens” and that everything is perfect and correct as it happens?

There are three important concepts that allow me to answer your questions.

The first is that, as you say, life is change. The only thing that we have insured from the moment we are born until the moment we decide to leave this body is that everything will be constantly changing. Even things that may seem more solid and stable, it is enough to change the time perspective to realize that they are also transforming daily. Understanding and accepting this reality is basic to be able to enjoy the present moment. So welcome the change!

Secondly, we come to this life to experience, to live and feel different things, to evolve and to grow on the vibrational plane. This means that all the circumstances that we find on our way are nothing more than experiences that allow us to advance in our process. Of course, some experiences allow us to enjoy, while others hurt us. But everything is perfect as it is.

The third concept happens because in any situation we decide in what focus our attention, in the positive or in the negative, in what allows us to feel better, or in what leads us to suffer. All the situations that we encounter in life have different possible readings, and we, consciously or unconsciously, decide our own reading.


9- “Choose your path to Happiness and Success”, “A Happiness Course”, “High Point”, “The Soul of Health” and “Integra Method” are the books published so far. When will the next book?

The next book is just about to be published. Probably in the month of June it will be available in Spain, and later it will be arriving in the other countries. This is the book Recover your Personal Power, which I have written together with Sandra Parés, Instructor of INTEGRA Method and author of several novels.

Recover your Personal Power is a book of transformation, like A Course of Happiness, High Points and The Soul of Health.


10- To end this interview, all of us who follow you are anxious to know if there will be any news in courses or workshops for the next semester. Tell us….

There are several courses and workshops that I have yet to develop, but there are two that present a special interest wherever I go, especially among instructors and facilitators of INTEGRA Method. I refer in particular to the course that allows addressing issues beyond the Advanced INTEGRA Method course, and on the other hand a course of transformation, aimed at achieving financial freedom.

I am going to do everything in my power so that both courses can be seen throughout the second semester of this year.


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