Interview with Ricardo Eiriz as ambassador of La Paz and the good will of San Cristóbal de las Casas before UNESCO

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In November 2017, the municipality of San Cristóbal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico), which is part of UNESCO as a creative city, proposed Ricardo Eiriz as Ambassador of Peace and Good Will to UNESCO, in recognition of the important Transformation work of the world that is being carried out through INTEGRA Method. On January 26, 2018, after acceptance by UNESCO, this appointment was made effective, and since then Ricardo Eiriz is officially considered Ambassador of the Peace and Good Will before UNESCO.


Ricardo, were you expecting this appointment?

The possibility of receiving such recognition had never crossed my mind.


What does it mean for you to be named Ambassador of Peace and Good Will?

It is a recognition of the work we have been doing in INTEGRA Method. It is undoubtedly a push to move forward with greater strength and decision, if possible, in the direction we already had. It is also a great responsibility, since it commits us to be totally faithful and coherent with our values. Both I personally, and all who make up INTEGRA Method, we must be an example of unconditional love and integrity.


That unconditional love of which you speak, where and how can we see it?

We can observe the effects of unconditional love in everything we do, from the particular sessions that the facilitators carry out, to the solidarity programs, which we have been developing in different places around the world to support people who have suffered.

Tell us about any of these solidarity programs.
There are several programs of solidarity and social work that we have been doing, but there is one to which I have a special affection, healing wounds for peace in Colombia.

It is a project through which we are supporting the victims of armed violence in severely hit areas of Colombia, to help them overcome all the emotional impacts they have suffered in recent decades. We help them to recover their inner freedom to build their life from scratch, and not less than a thousand, which was the situation in which many of these people were. In addition, we do it in such a way that they do not depend on us to continue expanding that transformation. For this we have trained groups of local leaders to give support to anyone who requires it.

It is a project that we have started in the municipality of San Carlos, with the help of two instructors, María Ligia and Iván, who are the true architects of this project is a reality. More our intention is to expand it to all Colombia, since there are many places shaken by the armed violence in the last decades.


Is peace a utopia, or do you think we can really live some day in a society where peace presides?

Outside Peace can only be achieved if people reach a state of inner peace. Fortunately, the inner transformation to free ourselves from our fears, hatreds, resentments, etc., is a real option.

At present we already have the tools to make that great leap in the transformation of the person in a fast and effective way. Now it’s just a matter of each person knowing that this is possible, and giving themselves the opportunity to change their life.


Does this appointment change your future plans?

The direction in which we go is and will remain the same. We are working to transform the world by empowering people to get rid of all their limitations. In this sense, having been appointed as Ambassador of Peace and Good Will, what it does suppose is an aid for many people around the world to have the opportunity to know about the subconscious, and the potential they have to change their own lives easily and quickly.


I wish you much success.

Thank you. If we achieve that there are many people who decide to live happier and fulfilled, our children and grandchildren will live in a much better world.



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