Interview with Koldo Alonso

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Instructor of Integra Method since 2014. Is described as happy, positive, a person with high energy, who tests, experiences and likes to share all the good. Friendly, witty, good communicator, and with unlimited curiosity. It is easy to identify the good qualities of people, and above all is a sensitive and creative being.

1.- Koldo, how does INTEGRA Method appear in your life?

It was very funny, a client came with the book in her hand and suggested that I organize a Happiness workshop in Bilbao. I called Ricardo Eiriz that same day to come to give a course, and he informed me that soon he would be in the association Abre tu Corazón, in Donostia, only 78 km away.

Of course, I attended, and the workshop loved it. It was a beautiful group with extraordinary energy. A few months later, Ricardo Eiriz proposed to me if he wanted to accredit me to teach the Happiness Workshop and the Apunta Alto course. And I, who always say yes to the good, very good and extraordinary, I said yes I want. It became the best business of my life, helping people.


2.- What changed in your life thereafter?

I change my life completely. I was an expert in everything that Ricardo Eiriz taught in the Happiness Workshop, but the nuances, order, conscience and transformation that the course sets transformed me.

Measure my level of consciousness and increase in just two days of work I fell in love. Then I started to release emotions constantly, and level of consciousness increased and increased every day.

I became a fan of the transformation through the subconscious, and participated in all INTEGRA Method courses. I experienced the transformation and the value of working with a focus on results.


3.- What prompted you to become an Integral Instructor?

I have always thought that the best way to learn is by teaching. I worked with a ratio, of how many people I could help in a day, and I discovered that teaching the INTEGRA Method Courses helped many more people. It brought them well-being very quickly, since it is the most powerful tool for transformation that I have known.

From then on, I focused on helping more and more people.


4 .- In your personal baggage is also to help others through laughter therapy. On paper it is something very different from the transformation that is done with INTEGRA Method. How do you combine it?

Laughter therapy begins with a question How much do you laugh? Would you like to laugh more and better? And if the answer is yes, I help you.

The combination is perfect, very fun and empowering. The laughter that I teach is based on a scientific discovery that shows us that the mind does not differentiate the Real Laughter from the Exercised. You start by pretending and you end up being pure laughter.

Laughter is the potentiator of everything good and eliminates everything bad. Serena your mind, and it makes you feel good instantly. In fact, it is used by inventors.

Laughter therapy and learning to bring laughter to your heart, is something wonderful, that gives meaning to your life and allows you to be yourself.

In an INTEGRA Method workshop, a Laughter Therapy exercise is ideal to quiet the mind before using the muscle test. It is also to raise the energy of the group, and to raise the vibration and confidence in oneself.

Going out of the Mind and feeling is something wonderful, and together with the Power of Transformation of the INTEGRA Method, a great synergy is created.


5.- With almost forty courses and workshops taught in 2017, you are one of the most active Instructors of INTEGRA Method. How do you feel when you are aware of it?

I’m very excited to know. My tears of joy and emotion jump just thinking about it. It all started the day I made the decision to teach a course of the INTEGRA Method per month, and if I did not have enrolled I created them. In my first INTEGRA Method course I had a registered person, and it was wonderful. Today this person is my friend and partner in several projects. If the course arrived and I did not have any registration, I would take the time to give the course to a chair and a cushion. It was incredible, a unique experience.

A life or dramas, and 100% commitment to make everyone happy. Teaching the INTEGRA Method Courses I have lived the happiest moments of my life. I am very happy to be part of this great family.



6.- You have been the first Instructor of INTEGRA Method that has organized courses in places as distant as Japan, Iceland or Costa Rica. I understand that this is linked to your philosophy of life. Tell us a little about your way of understanding life.

I love to travel and share the good things in life. I work with the model to try, to experiment in order to have positive results, and to spread the best I have found.

In each country they solve problems differently. You just have to identify the best way they have to solve a problem in one country and teach it in another country. The idea is simple and fun. So I thought, if the courses work in Bilbao and Donostia, and they help many people, they will also work and help in the rest of the world. A global vision

On my Youtube channel I have more than 600 videos where I laugh at nothing, with high energy and positive approach, all over the world. And I thought what better idea to take La Risa and the INTEGRA Method courses all over the World. So wherever I go, I take the INTEGRA Method courses, the Laughter and Personal Improvement program.

It’s a wonderful lifestyle where you learn a lot, you help a lot of people and you live a movie life. So every year I go several times to the Canary Islands, Miami, Iceland, Costa Rica, Tokyo and now I have a new challenge, Peru. How exiting!!!

The philosophy of the INTEGRA Method is to reach the whole planet, so we can help globally.


7.- How would you define the courses and workshops that we taught in INTEGRA Method?

Well, it would define the INTEGRA Method courses with a Miracle of Energy and well-being.

Either you do the courses or you do the courses, there are no other options. They are a different way of understanding life, as a team. Loneliness is the evil of the world.

They suppose a way to approach the problems from the conscience and the feeling, leaving the mind and our mental dialogue that has us so trapped.

I give all courses, at all times, in all places, because there is nothing so funny and powerful as seeing a group of human beings shining their eyes and being happy with the transformation from the heart.


8.- What do you like most about teaching our courses and workshops?

In courses you meet wonderful people. It really hits my heart when a person commits to living a full life with zero dramas, and is dedicated to being really happy. When they commit to solve all the problems necessary to live a full life and they tell me their progress.

All kinds of miracles occur in the courses. The first challenge is to trust that the problem you bring has a solution with the transformation. Seeing how people have results and trust in themselves and in life is a wonderful thing. I have experienced cases of extraordinary transformations, even some with instantaneous physical changes.

I love when after a course, as a result of their own experiences, people want to dedicate themselves professionally to the INTEGRA Method.


9.- What do you value most about INTEGRA Method?

I like the INTEGRA Method the sense of belonging. Know that the same course is being taught in another part of the world by another partner at the same time. I like that where there is an instructor of the integrated method there is a shared vision, and that every day we are more. That we have something powerful to teach the world. And that there is nothing so powerful to empower people easily and quickly.

Simplicity, love, conscience and working for results as taught in the courses, is the hallmark and brand of the INTEGRA Method. It is something extraordinary.


10.- What advice would you give to all those who are considering doing as you do, and dedicate themselves professionally to helping many others to take control of their life?

Everything is based on the power of the decision. Whoever feels it in the deepest part of his heart that says yes I want and if I can. Plan your next date and take all the necessary actions to take it forward.

Life is easy and fun with the INTEGRA Method, a transformation comes out of every problem. And helping the person from the energy and balance is a human need, make this your profession and your lifestyle is something wonderful. If you wish, you have my support.



11.- Tell us the secret … what do you do every morning to focus the day with that powerful energy that you always transmit?

I wake up every morning saying: Do people count to help today?

Energy is my friend. I consider myself an expert in raising energy and positive approach.

Every day I do a hundred impacts that raise my energy. Start with the Supplement, Run, Start Engine, Siiii, Celebration, Change of Focus, Cross Emotion, Emotional Reset, Increase my Energy Now, Jump of Joy. I make them one minute a day, morning, afternoon and evening. I do them as personal improvement, and my Energy goes up and up. I like it so much that it taught many people these exercises for a full life with high energy and it is exciting.


12.- What plans do you have for a year?

My motto for this year is 10 times more, with 10 times more friends.

I will start with trips to the Canary Islands, Lima, Miami, Costa Rica, Iceland and Tokyo. And I will dedicate myself to Travel the Planet connecting with Conscious people, offering my vision of life and what I love. Crypto-investment, programs to rejuvenate the body and mind, connecting people with their mission, purpose, and the meaning of their life, and of course, increasing the level of vibration and consciousness of human beings through the INTEGRA method.


13.- To finish, tell us a couple of things that include your list of pending dreams.

Well, I would like to do my first World Tour and go around the world in my 10 favorite destinations to teach INTEGRA Method courses. Start in Bilbao and arrive in Bilbao with my suitcase full of experiences of Transformation, Love and Happiness, and with 100 or more new friends all over the world.

I would love to live a few months a year in Tokyo.

May life share transformation, happiness and dreams fulfilled for all.

Go ahead with the WELFARE in team, and with the enjoyment of a life of Film.

A big hug from the Heart.



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