Interview with Iraís Méndez

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Iraís Méndez Becerra. Instructor of Integra Method since 2015. After living a deep depression that led her to seclude herself in her house and isolate herself from the world for months, INTEGRA Method comes to her life, helping her to transform her life. Nowadays he accompanies people so that they become the designers of their own life and create the reality they want, consciously transforming the subconscious!


1 – Iraís, how does INTEGRA Method appear in your life?

INTEGRA method came to my life when I attended the presentation of the book The Soul of Health, in that presentation I learned that there would be a Course of Happiness in the following days, which I decided to attend since at that moment I was in the middle of a great depression that kept me in a fatal state of mind, lived in an automated, routine, without hope, without hope, with total apathy, practically living without living.


2 – How did your life change from then on, and at what moment do you decide to change your career path to dedicate yourself to share happiness?

After attending that weekend the Happiness Course where in less than 15 minutes the depression disappeared, YES, incredible as it may seem, in less than 15 minutes everything changed and I did not realize (as it usually does), I just started to live and that is not anything, on the contrary, it is EVERYTHING, that day I came back to life; it was my close loved ones who realized before me of the transformation, seeing me they noticed me differently and did not know what it was, I did not even know it myself, the answer was as simple as clear, it vibrated differently, vibrated happiness! and that … is something that can not be explained until it is experienced in the first person.

From there everything was getting better; I experienced, I lived and I understood the potential of the transformation through the subconscious, where it is not necessary, to investigate, to confront and much less to suffer painful processes to achieve the desired transformation. It was at that moment that I decided to dedicate my life to spread the benefits of this fantastic tool, a zero invasive tool, zero intrusive; totally respectful but above all decisive.


3 – Who has Iraís Méndez become?

In a free and full human being. In a passionate total of the methodology and of the agile and painless change.


4 – What drove you to become an Integral Instructor? And what has contributed to you as a person dedicating yourself to this project?

The effectiveness of the transformation in me and in my loved ones. Seeing the changes immediately is amazing and feeling the fullness of my connection with life again, wanting to share that joy that we all deserve to live; and what has given me is well-being in all areas of my life.


5 – With almost fifty courses and workshops taught in 2017, you are the most active Instructor of INTEGRA Method, and the one that has reached the largest number of participants. How do you feel being aware of it?

It is a great satisfaction, I was not aware of it because for me it is a passion, this comment generates a great impact and an enormous responsibility. It makes me feel grateful with each of the people who have placed their trust in the courses and workshops we have in the organization.


6 – Practically every week you teach a course. What are the courses or workshops that you teach the most, and why?

The course and workshops that I teach the most are Basic INTEGRA Method Course, Happiness Course Workshop and of course the Workshop Recovers your Personal Power.

I greatly enjoy teaching Basic INTEGRA Method Course, as it is a joy to be able to share the methodology that generates radical changes. I love to break the mental scheme with which they have lived until they experience that weekend in the course and I am also deluded to know that each participant who comes to the Basic INTEGRA Method Course takes a powerful tool that makes him the conscious designer of his new reality.

The Workshop-Course of Happiness has a special place in my heart because it gives you peace, well-being, happiness, reconciles you with your surroundings, generates empathy and a huge understanding of who you are. See the changes that are achieved in 5 hours of workshop is priceless.

The Workshop Recovers your Personal Power has a separate mention; gives you an unimaginable emotional freedom, strengthens your confidence and security, connects you with your gifts and talents born, which leads you to live your life mission which is very revealing.



7 – How would you define the experience lived by the participants in the courses and workshops you teach? What do you get used to commenting after the courses?

The usual thing is surprise, astonishment and certainly incredulity too, most of the participants can not believe that it is so agile, dynamic, practical and above all resolutive and forceful; It is with the passage of days, weeks or even months that I receive messages or emails relating the changes they have experienced after participating in our courses. As happens regularly, those who are most aware of the experienced transformation are their close beings who lead them to realize the change experienced.


8 – In the Integra Method courses and workshops it is customary to see the transformation of the participants at the end. Can you comment on a case that personally impacted you more because of the change in the before and after?

I always say that I should take a photograph when I start the workshop and / or course and I always forget to do it.

One constant that I find is to see our participants rejuvenate and fill with vitality; such is the case of a person who attended a workshop, said participant started the workshop using a cane, with enough difficulties to walk and with chronic fatigue; at the end of the workshop he forgot the cane, looked 15 years younger and with a vitality and joy that any teenager would envy. It was amazing.


9 – INTEGRA Method courses and workshops are not motivational, but discovering the potential that people have when we learn to direct our subconscious can generate a certain state of euphoria. Have you found it? What advice could you give to these people?

It is very common that euphoric state that you comment. I would advise them always, always, always to experience first of all with themselves before assisting other people, to be compassionate to themselves, to have patience in their transformation processes and above all to not miss the opportunity they have in their hands. to achieve the life they want.


10 – What would you say to people who decide to focus their professional life as instructors of INTEGRA Method?

Live the Method with love, with respect and integrity, with passion, with conviction, with gratitude and with a huge personal commitment to continue working individually, since through their own transformation is to achieve the above.

INTEGRA method is not a tool to store in a drawer as a cultural heritage. For me the Method is a living, vibrant and luminous energy that deserves to be vibrated, felt and felt to be able to respect it, honor it and dignify it.


11 – Tell us the secret … how do you focus your day to day to stay on the path of happiness?

It is simple, flowing and keeping me peace, adapting to the experiences that life presents to me.


12 – We all used to have a list of pending tasks. What are your personal challenges?

The biggest challenge is to make the most of my time on this physical plane by enjoying the experience.


13- Finally, the question of the mises … What is your dream in life?

Evolve and travel this life with greater awareness.



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