Ethical code

Instructors of Método INTEGRA, regardless of the level they occupy within the structure, are committed by contract to respect an ethical commitment, which includes the priority values ​​of the organization.

Método INTEGRA is an organization based on the figure of the instructor, whose activity is mostly independent and autonomous. We also seek the maximum development of the team’s capabilities. That is why the establishment and compliance with this ethical code is revealed as a fundamental factor for the proper development of the organization.

The Método INTEGRA instructors:

  1. They will respect the current legality in the place where they develop the activities related to Método INTEGRA.
  2. They will not discriminate against clients or colleagues, for reasons of sex, race, color, social origin, ideology, religion, age, or any other personal condition.
  3. They will show total respect for the classmates, as well as for the participants in the courses.
  4. They will avoid opening disputes with other instructors.
  5. Respect the content and form of the courses as they are defined by the Método INTEGRA organization.
  6. They will not carry out activities that can be interpreted as direct or indirect competition with the activities carried out in Método INTEGRA. In case of being affected by a conflict of interest, they will inform the Método INTEGRA address.
  7. They will not disclose confidential information or internal documentation that has not been created for that purpose.
  8. They will not use the affiliate program as an argument to sell the courses. As a result, they will not broadcast the affiliation program through videos or any type of information disseminated through social networks.
  9. They will perform an integral performance at all times, understanding full performance as loyal, honest, in good faith, objective and aligned with the interests of the organization.
  10. They will settle any performance they perform on four premises:

a) that is ethically acceptable.

b) that is legally valid.

c) that is desirable for the company and the group.

d) who is willing to take responsibility for it.

  1. They will always seek the transformation of their consultants, in the individual sessions they carry out, by the quickest route, not carrying out more sessions than strictly necessary to achieve the objective set by the client.
  2. They will ensure that their actions do not damage the image or the reputation of Método INTEGRA.
  3. They will not use the brand or the Método INTEGRA logo for uses other than the general promotion of the brand itself, or of the courses taught.
  4. They will not use the Método INTEGRA methodology to create and deliver new courses, unless expressly authorized, and in writing, by the Método INTEGRA management.
  5. They will not use any of the courses offered by the Método INTEGRA within broader training programs, unless expressly authorized, and in writing, by the Dirección de Método INTEGRA.
  6. In order to ensure the quality and proper follow-up of the work done by the participants in the courses, they will not teach Método INTEGRA courses by Skype or other online media.
  7. They will be a model of what they transmit in the courses.