Change your beliefs and change your life

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At this point, practically everyone has assumed that it is our beliefs, or memories of the unconscious, that direct our lives. Our subconscious mind, that great stranger for the majority, is the one who leads us through paths of pleasure or pain, who leads us directly to that stone in which we stumble day and day also, or on the contrary, leads us on paths where everything it flows and everything is fine. And all that based on our beliefs.

A belief is the acceptance of what we have witnessed, of what we have experienced or known for ourselves, even before we were born; or of what others have transmitted to us while we did not have the capacity to value it. Relatives, friends, teachers, opinion leaders, etc., are at the origin of a large part of the beliefs we have that condition us on a day-to-day basis, defining our reality without being aware of it. History, religion or science are also the origin of endless beliefs.

Our beliefs play a key role in the way we build our entire world. They are reflected in our way of approaching our relationships, our friendships, our careers and even our state of health. Our world is nothing more, nor less, than a reflection of all our beliefs.

It is enough to replace one of our limiting beliefs with an empowering belief to change our reality, to face differently from that situation that previously anguished us, to be calm where we exalted ourselves before, to have confidence and security when before we were a sea of ​​doubts . There are hundreds of people that I have seen transform in a matter of minutes, starting with myself in different topics.

The transformation of a belief involves physical changes. In addition to energetically recording the frequency of this belief in our cells, the necessary neuronal connections are activated so that this belief can generate a certain pattern of behavior, as demonstrated by the neurotentian Jeffrey Fanning. Each belief requires a certain neuronal activation in our brain to be executed, and the simple transformation of a belief, generates such activation.

When we transform one or several beliefs, what we are really doing is changing our vibrational frequency, while expanding the number of neural connections in our brain, integrating both hemispheres of the brain, an essential situation to develop our full potential.

There are various ways that we can use to reprogram beliefs at the subconscious level; some are simple, others complex; some fast, others slow; Some of us can learn and use them ourselves, others depend on the knowledge and experience of other people. Use the one you consider, but use some. If you do not, you will continue to be a hostage of your subconscious, when it should be your best ally to be the person you want and achieve the goals you set for yourself in life.

For those who use techniques based on the repetition of positive affirmations, or even those who prefer the Ho’oponopono, the Silva method, the Neurolinguistic Programming, etc., some recommendations that help to make the transformation more quickly:

  • Do it always with your eyes closed and concentrating on the phrase we repeat. In this way we lower the frequency of the brain and eliminate a large part of the external stimuli.
  • Join the fingertips, without the palms of the hands being in contact. With this we allow the generation of a certain energy that allows us to amplify the energy of our intention, and facilitates recording at the subconscious level.

These simple tips allow you to improve the results of the technique you use.

Finally, I’m going to ask you not to believe me, to put in doubt everything you just read. Simply allow yourself to approach the world of your subconscious and experience. Search transform your life in those areas that you do not like and observe the results. Do it the way you want and draw your own conclusions.

What you read you forget, what you learn, you remember, and what you experience, you really internalize.

Ricardo Eiriz


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