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In 2009 I decided to radically change my life after dedicating more than 25 years to the business world, business management and university teaching in order to become a professional in my own happiness.

Once I understood how to manage the puzzle of the subconscious and noticing there was no technique that could extract all the potential I decided to create Metodo INTEGRA®.

I left behind a well-paid professional position, as well as all my university and postgraduate activities, to devote myself to researching the energy world in which we live, and more specifically, the mind and the subconscious; In short, what really leads us to act in the way we do, and to create the reality we live.


My mission is to transform the world, by helping people to develop their full potential. In fact, my profession today is “Be happy and help others to be happy too”

Initially, I focused on reprogramming at the subconscious level (beliefs, emotional blocks and brain integration), but the experiences lived in the courses and during individual sessions, together with my desire to facilitate change in 100% of the people, led me to explore other energy fields that jeopardize us enormously in the creation of our experiences and the reality we live. Karmic agreements, loyalties, traumas, external negative energies, or even the spirits, are areas also addressed in Metodo INTEGRA. Always with that philosophy of solving everything easily, quickly, safely and without suffering.

Ambassador of Peace and Good Will of San Cristóbal de las Casas to UNESCO



In recognition of his work to build a better world, in November 2017 he was appointed Ambassador of Peace and Good Will of San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas) to UNESCO.

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